(KXNET) — One senate bill received a “do not pass” motion within the first ten minutes of Wednesday’s committee work.

The bill relates to Summit Carbon Solutions’ project proposal and the use of the eminent domain in our state.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee met Wednesday afternoon to reconsider an amendment to Senate Bill 2212 that passed last Friday.

The changes made were to the intent of the bill, removing carbon pipelines from the Eminent Domain statute.

It would have replaced them with a setback for a carbon pipeline to an inhabited residence from 500 to 1,000 feet, offering a landowner variance if a company wants to build a pipeline closer to their land.

KX News reached out to the bill’s proposer, Senator Jeff Magrum, after Wednesday’s results, who provided us with a written statement adding that “The state of ND claims that there is a one-mile dispersion rate for a carbon pipeline leak. Even 1000’ was less than a fifth of what is necessary to protect human life.”

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee gave it a do not pass recommendation with a vote of 4 to 1.  The bill will be heard on the Senate floor soon.