NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer joined his colleagues on Friday in a letter to the FCC, expressing strong opposition to a proposal reinstating the regulations of Title II of the Communications Act, on the letter concluded by saying, “We urge you to end this charade and shelve this fifth attempt to adopt the so-called ‘net neutrality’ regulations.”

KX News sat down with Cramer to learn more about this.

He says it’s something that he’s been working to combat against for around 20 years.

“The reason it’s even an issue is because the Federal Communications Commission is a commission of five commissioners that has to be bipartisan and of course, it’s an odd number on purpose. And the party that’s in, the presidency has three members and the other party has two members. But it’s been a two to two majority for quite a while until there’s enough of the right people whose terms come up. And so now there’s a three to two majority again for the Democrats. And so they want to institute net neutrality. So we’re just putting out a place set or a marker, if you will, to make sure that there’s a lot of rigorous debate before a rule like that would be completely initiated and then completed,” said Cramer. 

He says overall, net neutrality takes away a lot of the choices that people would have and how to utilize the internet, giving too much power to the government.

To read the letter and learn more you can visit this website.