NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — In this month’s Directors cut, we look at September’s oil production numbers.

Some numbers were up while others remained the same from the month before.

Rig counts and permitting are all flat in the state.

Furthermore, 350 to 400 wells are now waiting on completion.

Oil and gas production were up 4.5%.

In September, we produced more than 38 million barrels of oil in North Dakota.

“We set a record in terms of natural production and natural gas capture. New records, so we are closing in on 3.5 billion cubic feet a day of natural gas production,” said Lynne Helms, the director of Mineral Resources North Dakota.

Helms also says the drilling rig count remains low due to workforce, mergers, and acquisitions, but is expected to return to the mid-forties with a gradual increase expected over the next two years.