(KXNET) — Police officers in Jamestown say they need more help keeping track of sex offenders. But it doesn’t appear that any help is coming from the capitol anytime soon.

House Bill 1415 was originally proposed as a nearly $1 million grant to be given to towns that are facing a drastic increase in the number of sex offenders living in the city.

The money was to pay for more staffing and officers. However, during this legislative session, the bill has been transformed into a legislative study.

Jamestown police say they currently have just over 30 part-time and full-time officers, but also over 80 sex offenders living in the city. As of Monday, 36 of those people are considered ‘high risk’.

“I just don’t understand how they can turn their back on this,” said Valley City Rep. Dwight Kiefert. “A little 12-year-old girl got raped by one of these guys back in January. One of these guys walking around Jamestown got out of prison, he was in there for raping an 83-year-old woman.”

“Obviously, I think we had it right,” said Jamestown Rep. Bernie Satrom. ” I think the Senate screwed up. The problem is, there’s probably going to be other people that are not going to be monitored properly and are going to be re-offending. What’s the cost of that?”

Although the bill already passed both chambers, on Monday, House lawmakers voted ‘no’ on the changes.