(KXNET) — Starting a business takes work. And once you’ve come up with a plan and funding, it’s time to find the perfect spot.

“I would say number one location is key for your business,” said Signal Realty Associate Broker Morgan Abel. “Is it going to have the right traffic that you’re looking for for your business? Is it going to have good visibility for your signage that’s going to bring in the people that you’re looking for, the correct clientele?”

Some businesses can be run out of your home, but often business owners seek a commercial space. This is where real estate agencies can help.

“They can help kind of guide you,” explained Abel, “and let you know their opinions as far as where your business might thrive, and kind of direct you in the right place for that.”

Abel works mainly with helping people with their residential property needs — but she says she’s also helped business owners find the perfect commercial properties as well.

“I’ve helped people find commercial space for like little office clinics or clinical space,” Abel continued. “A couple of nurse practitioners looking for space to kind of go off on their own and open up their space. I’ve also helped people search for places to start up little bakery businesses, things like that.”

Abel also says that when she assists people with buying residential properties, they’ll often look for something with additional space so that they can work out of their home.

“When they’re looking for a home to live in,” Abel continued, “they want to make sure number one they have the bedroom sizes, but then a lot of times they’re looking for that extra space in the home where they can run their business or if they work from home, they can run that space.”

Abel has one last tip for business owners to remember — the location can also determine the type of traffic it will have. In both business and home ownership, it would seem that the time-honored adage of ‘Location, Location, Location’ is true.

Next week, in the final installment of the starting your own business series, KX News will be speaking with small business owners about their journey of getting their businesses started.