(KXNET) — One bill on Thursday afternoon is updating the language about North Dakota’s election laws.

House Bill 1192 takes out the word ‘electronic’ from voting systems. It also allows county auditors to start counting early and absentee votes three days before election day.

It also clarifies that in a presidential year, electors meet on the first Tuesday after the second Wednesday in December to cast their votes in the electoral college.

North Dakota law already states that voting precincts must test their equipment prior to the election.

“It does not eliminate express voting. Nor does it move to an all-paper ballot system. We’re addressing a couple changes in the last session, we had House Bill 1431, and we changed the canvassing board date,” Rep. Scott Louser said.

This week, the house also passed Senate Bill 2292, which says a person can’t cause a disturbance at a polling place.

But a person may observe the voting process so long as they inform the inspector ahead of time and don’t infringe on voter privacy.