(KXNET) — After the long winter, spring is finally blooming, and a sense of renewed energy and excitement has come with it. Neighbors are eager to get outside, and park district leaders around the state are busy planning activities.

Bismarck Parks and Rec leaders say the city hiking and biking trails are open and are already experiencing a lot of traffic. Some pickleball courts are open in Bismarck, and Minot Park leaders are following their lead by debuting their first-ever pickleball courts this summer.

Crews are working hard to get park amenities prepared and say that once the snow completely melts off tennis and basketball courts, residents are encouraged to lace up.

“Our courts still have quite a bit of snow on them,” explained Bismarck Parks and Recreation Program Director, Mike Wald, “and our goal is, as soon as we can get out there and put nets on them and get those opened up we will, and we just have to be a little bit patient.”

Bismarck and Minot’s spring and summer activity registrations are open, and youth programs are filling up fast. Park leaders say spring sports are the most popular activities of the entire year, and there is still time to sign up for spring baseball and volleyball. Golf courses, too, will be returning soon, and many are estimated to reopen before Bismarck’s public pools in May.

“Strong programs for us are adult volleyball, our summer youth baseball program is pretty strong, and of course the golf courses,” said Wald. “People are just itching to get back outside and play golf, so we just can’t wait for things to open up.”