(KXNET) — State lawmakers could soon set aside more money to help repair or prepare for severe storm damage.

House Bill 1070 creates a hazard mitigation revolving loan fund. The fund would include $10 million which would be loaned out to towns that are hit by storms or severe flooding.

The loans would make up 10% of the funding, and FEMA would pick up the other 90%, which is given out at 1% interest.

“Those mitigation activities are things you would do prior to a disaster event, so they’re proactive,” Justin Messner with the ND Department of Emergency Services said. “Their intent is to either reduce or completely eliminate damages that would happen because of a natural hazard like a flood or a tornado.”

If approved for disaster loans, towns in North Dakota would have 20 years to pay back the money. Low-income areas would get 30 years.