(KXNET) — The military plays a huge role in North Dakota. Now, the state’s largest military communities are asking legislators for $1.9 million to help support air force bases and the national guard.

Senate Bill 2240 provides funds to the departments of commerce in Minot, Grand Forks, and Fargo to support the relationship between the city and air force bases.

Due to the growing number of military projects supporting our nuclear deterrence, leaders feel there is a gap between private and state funding.

The Senate passed the bill unanimously, it’s now heading to the house for a vote.

Brekka Kramer, president and CEO of the Minot Chamber EDC, says the chamber has received funding in the past from the state, but not since 2019.

“And frankly the communities have raised funds privately we’ve done our part to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to support Grand Forks air force base, Minot air force base, and the North Dakota National Guard. But really there’s a gap that we need state support to be able to continue those efforts and do the things that we do in that space,” said Brekka Kramer, president and CEO of the Minot Chamber EDC.

The three legs of the nuclear triad consist of the air, ground, and sea.

Part of this funding will also go towards replacing the land-based missile portion of the nuclear triad.