(KXNET) — Two bills have already failed or been withdrawn talking about proof of citizenship when people vote. But there is one bill that is still active.

House Bill 1431 adds more language allowing people who’ve recently become citizens to bring back proof after election day.

North Dakota doesn’t have voter registration, but voters are required to show a valid ID or proof of address before they can fill out a ballot.

People who’ve recently become citizens but don’t have updated IDs can bring paperwork up to 13 days after the election to have their votes counted.

“Most importantly, I think this bill treats all voters the same. We’re not questioning somebody’s integrity,” Rep. Scott Louser said.

“I think that the bill is really unnecessary and redundant. Because if there is a question, that ballot is set aside,” poll worker Kathleen Tweeten said.

Right now, any person who’s not a legal citizen who claims to be one and shows up to vote could be charged with a felony.