BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Starting Monday morning, North Dakota state lawmakers will return to the capitol to begin a special session.

On Friday, legislative leaders sat down in Bismarck to work out 14 bills that were broken off from the formerly passed HB 2015, which they’ll have to vote on and approve in the next week.

The session is happening after the State Supreme Court ruled that the passage of the Office of Management and Budget bill was unconstitutional.

This week, Governor Doug Burgum declared an executive order calling for the session, meaning legislators won’t have to use the remaining 80 days from this year’s session.

“I think we’ll be here three days. If there’s a hitch in the giddy-up, it might be four,” Rep. Mike Lefor said. “But I think it’s pretty straightforward, I think we’ve got a great plan, we have a joint appropriations committee, House and the Senate together, they’ll vote separately, as well as the joint policy committee, same thing, one hearing, but separate votes.”

Legislators also submitted nearly 30 other bills and resolutions for the House and Senate to consider.

The governor’s order declares that the House and Senate finish their business by next Friday.