The state of North Dakota lost sixty licensed child care providers in 2020, that’s according to to Child Care Aware of North Dakota.

A loss of child care providers impacts not only the parents, but also businesses by limiting a parent’s ability to work due to a lack of exceptional, affordable child care.

The state of North Dakota recognized this and is now offering stipends and workforce incentives to help retain and reward early childhood professionals.
The goal is to expand the workforce of qualified child care providers and help increase and retain staff in licensed child care settings with financial rewards.

The professional development administrator with the Early Childhood Services Division at the department of human services says quality, early experiences for children begins with consistency and a qualified and trained early childhood workforce.

Not only will this benefit child care workers, and the North Dakota labor force as a whole, it will benefit our children.

“Having a consistent early childhood workforce is just key to helping those those beautiful young people that we have in our state, meet milestones as well,” said Jennifer Prince, professional development administrator, N.D. Department of Human Services – Early Childhood Services Division. “So it’s just it’s a great opportunity for them as well, when we have consistent staff. We know that they’re more confident, they’re more capable of learning. So these stipends are meant to help provide that in the early childhood field.”

Retention stipends range from one-hundred and fifty dollars to six-hundred dollars per quarter.
Those who qualify may receive the stipend for up to 18 months, or until they reach the individual maximum award of thirty-six hundred dollars.

Visit for North Dakota Department of Human Services website for information on these funding opportunities.