(KXNET) — On Tuesday, a plan to allow school students to enroll in a virtual classroom narrowly passed in the state senate.

House Bill 1376 allows parents to open enroll their kids in the Center for Distance Education in Fargo. It also requires that the school district where the family lives pay the fees for the student to attend the virtual classes.

Lawmakers say that the home district may not deny open enrollment for a student who’s been approved for the virtual program.

“Parents want to see an opportunity for something that’s better for their children,” said Senator Janne Myrdal. “Parents should be in charge of their children’s education. Not agencies, not zip codes, not skin color. I think it should be the parents. And we’ve seen this virtual school, we’ve established it in code. And now schools in North Dakota can take advantage of that.”

The bill passed through the senate on Tuesday, by just three votes.