(KXNET) — State senators passed another gender-related bill on the Senate floor on Monday that involved birth certificates.

House Bill 1297 says a person can’t change his or her sex on a birth certificate if that person changes gender later in life.

The baby must be listed as male or female, and under the proposed bill, a person cannot write ‘not yet determined’ unless the sex can’t be determined by organs or chromosomes. The bill passed Monday afternoon 41-6.

“We understand the concept, we understand the reason why there are people who wanted to have it,” explains Senator Judy Lee, “but I sincerely hope that you will look at all of the challenges that exist with this, and figure out if there’s anything really positive that can result from this.”

“They come to that conclusion,” said Fargo Senator Tim Mathern, “and we accept the conclusion that they come to. So, I would ask that we vote ‘no’.”

Opponents of the bill argue that there are situations in which babies are born where the sex isn’t immediately known.

The senate also passed House Bill 1139 which requires the sex of the baby to be listed on the birth certificate.