(KXNET) — North Dakota ranks in the top 10 states for the best camping.

According to a news release, adventure vehicle experts at Adventures on the Rock analyzed 10 things that contribute to successful camping trips. These experts created a Camping Index Score out of 100 for all 50 states.

National parks, landmarks, hiking trails, RV parks, and campsites in correlation to state population, fuel prices, rainfall averages, and plant and animal diversity were all factors that were reviewed in the index.

North Dakota was ranked 10th, with a score of 58.81 out of 100.

The state has one of the lowest numbers of recorded deaths in its national parks, with just one death per 10 million visitors., despite having the disconcertingly named Badlands Overlook in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The state also has the sixth-highest number of campsites (40) and 10th highest number of RV parks (eight) per 100,000 residents.

Neighbor state Montana was ranked second overall and South Dakota was ranked sixth.

Montana has the highest number of hiking trails (418), the second-highest number of free campsites (32) and paid campsites (90), and the second-highest number of RV parks (21) per 100,000 residents.

South Dakota has the third-highest number of RV parks (17), fourth-highest number of campsites (45), and the 11th-highest number of free campsites (six) per 100,000 residents.

The 10 best states for camping are shown below:

RankStateCamping Index Score /100
3.New Mexico65.94
6.South Dakota61.12
8.New Hampshire59.93
10.North Dakota58.81
Table courtesy of Adventure on the Rocks

“This data provide a fascinating insight into which states offer nature lovers the most well-rounded camping experiences. Wyoming stands out as a top spot for campers due to its abundance of RV parks, free and paid campsites, and range of hiking trails. As spring continues to bloom, campers may want to consider a trip to The Cowboy State if they are looking for their next adventure,” said a spokesperson for Adventures on the Rock. “One of the key reasons people plan camping trips is for the adventure component. Exploring the great outdoors, observing different wildlife, and hiking trails are all part of the allure. However, safety should always be paramount, so it is crucial to research and plan ahead as much as possible, before undertaking any camping trip.”