It may be hard to believe given the number of calls North Dakotans seem to receive daily, but one data survey suggests North Dakota was one of the states least bothered by robocalls in 2019.

According to cellphone resource website Let’s Talk, North Dakota is ranked #2 among the least affected states.

What does that mean?

It means North Dakotans received 75.9 million robocalls in 2019, or an average of 8 robocalls per month.

Further, the data suggests North Dakotans made less than 7,100 complaints to the FTC about robocalls during 2019.

What state is the least bothered? Alaska, with an average of 3 robocalls per month.

The state bothered the most? Maryland, where residents there receive 18 robocalls per month.

According to the Let’s Talk website, the majority of the calls are scam efforts.

You can read more about the data survey here.