(KXNET) — North Dakotans would be celebrating their status as the hardest working people in the nation, but they’re too busy, well, working to do so.

According to a data survey by personal financial information website WalletHub, North Dakota tops the list of hard-working states, based on metrics such as average workweek hours, share of workers with multiple jobs and annual volunteer hours per resident, among other categories.

Alaska, which has dominated the list many times in the past, comes in at #2.

South Dakota clocks in at #4, Minnesota at #18 and Montana at #31.

Coming in last is New Mexico.

Americans, as a whole, are hard workers, according to WalletHub, putting in about 1,800 hours per year and leaving about 5 unused days off on the table each year.

Here’s how North Dakota ranks in specific areas of the data survey:

  • #2: Average workweek hours
  • #8: Share of workers with multiple jobs
  • #12: Average employment rate

You can read the complete report, along with the methodology used to create the rankings, here.