Taking a stand for lemonade stands

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We’re fortunate here in The Peace Garden State — North Dakota is one of only 14 states where kids can legally operate a lemonade stand without having to get permits or signed exemptions.

In fact, in the states that surround North Dakota — Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana — it is illegal to sell street side lemonade without a permit, license or other authorization

In some states, the permitting process for kids to earn a few dollars from lemonade stand sales can cost thousands.

Country Time Lemonade is working to change all that.

The company is known already for its program to help pay fines issued to kids operating lemonade stands.

It is also offering tips and advice on how to get lemonade stand laws changed in the 36 states regulating sidewalk sales by kids.

One of its videos, “Take A Stand For Lemonade Stands,” the company runs through a brief list of laws and costs imposed by states on lemonade stands.

You can learn more about the lemonade stand campaign and the offer to help cover lemonade stand fines here.

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