NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — In continuing coverage, a poll conducted on behalf of supporters of term limits for state lawmakers and the Governor suggests a large majority of those surveyed favor those limits.

According to the poll, 81% of likely North Dakota voters questioned back eight-year term limits as proposed in a controversial initiated measure that will appear on the November general election ballot.

Josh Meny went out into the community to see if their opinions on the measure match up with the poll findings.

Mandan resident Christopher Torres is a Marine Corps veteran. He thinks capping state lawmakers and the Governor to eight years is reasonable.

“I think a lot of times they’re just sitting in their positions so long they kinda get corrupt. Get that money and it changes them,” said Marine Corps veteran and Mandan Resident Christopher Torres

Nicholas Huff is a private contractor who writes software for the state.

He says he loves living in North Dakota, but in his home state of Hawaii, a governor who has been elected to two consecutive terms must be out of office for at least one cycle before being eligible to run again for re-election.

“I think term limits would be healthy for democracy in general. It’s really easy for an incumbent to just kind of keep winning because of name recognition. Assuming you’re term-limited, it means that someone has to come up with new ideas every time, probably. Or at least have the voter re-affirm that, ok yes, even with this new person we want the same policies again,” explained software writer Nicholas Huff.

Bismarck resident Sarah Braun says eight years is enough time for a state lawmaker and the Governor to do their job.

“If you’re 70 years old, your hot topics in your mind aren’t the same as a 25-year-old. It could get a little stale in the office,” explained Bismarck resident and accountant and title writer Sarah Braun

And, Braun is leery of politicians who are concerned more about their approval rating than taking tough stances.

“I certainly do worry about corruption. Popularity contests. It shouldn’t just be that you’re in office just because you have a hundred friends,” said Braun.

Wilton resident and retired small business owner Jim Wolf fought in Vietnam from 1965 to 1967.

“A little change. It doesn’t hurt to have a little change once in a while,” explained Vietnam Veteran and Wilton resident Jim Wolf.

If approved by voters, the term limits measure would make North Dakota the 37th state with term limits on its Governor and the 16th state with term limits on its legislature.