NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Hog producers have been hit hard over the last few years, thanks to the pandemic, and to help them out, the U.S. Department of Agriculture increased the amount of assistance available for them.

The USDA expects to hand out about $62.8 million in pandemic assistance to hog producers nationwide, as well as here in North Dakota.

Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program assists eligible producers who sold hogs through a spot market sale from April 16 through September 1, of 2020.

Payments will be calculated by multiplying the number of eligible hogs, not to exceed 10,000, by the payment rate of $54 a head.

“So that producers have now actually been paid, or should be very shortly, across the nation, on these pandemic payments for their hogs, without losing anything besides our normal sequestration rate,” said North Dakota Farmers Service Agency, Program Specialist, Beau Peterson.

There is also no per person or legal entity payment limitation on Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program payments.

For more pandemic assistance programs in the agricultural industry, visit the USDA website.