NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota saw strong oil and gas numbers in February and that momentum carried into March.

The Director’s Cut from the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources shows the state produced more than 32 million barrels of oil in the month of February. And in March, the state produced 2 million more barrels with over 34 million.

The state found this to be impressive since both February and March saw record snowfalls and winter storms in the region.

Natural gas saw some high numbers as well. Both February and March captured 95% of the gas produced. One company even saw record numbers over the last few months.

“A couple weeks ago, ONEOK had their Q4 earnings call report and they had reported in that call that in February, which we don’t have those numbers officially yet, but they did see record months on their system in North Dakota,” said Justin Kringstad, the director of the North Dakota Pipeline Authority.

According to the state, the drilling rig count has fallen to 39 due to road restrictions but is expected to return to the mid-forties over the next two years.