(KXNET) — After purchasing nearly $100 million worth of land in Las Vegas, the Three Affiliated Tribes is now working on buying another piece of property in Sin City.

This would be the third property the tribe owns in Vegas.

The newest potential property is a 1.1-acre portion of the former White Sands Motel near the tribe’s other properties.

According to Clark County District Court records, this would cost $10.25 million.

The property is surrounded on three sides by the former Route 91 Harvest festival site, which now belongs to the MHA nation.

The Las Vegas properties have been controversial within the tribe, and the General Council says they will soon draft a petition to try to overturn the investments and ask for an audit on the Tribal Business Council.

“The federal government has a single audit requirement, and so does our constitution,” stated General Councilman Tex Hall. “They are completely out of compliance, so what’s going to happen if they don’t get audits in? And why aren’t they getting audits? Is there something wrong where they can’t get an audit done? Did they misspend the money on something that they weren’t supposed to spend it on?”

Chairman Mark Fox does say these investments are going to benefit his people, but Councilman Hall feels the opposite and says these properties are only going to only benefit Las Vegas.