(KXNET) — Right now, lawmakers are deciding the fate of one of the most trendy apps in our country: TikTok.

An ongoing battle in congress is questioning if the Chinese-owned app should be available to Americans.

Although no nationwide restrictions have been implemented yet, this weekend, leaders banned the social media site from all official NATO devices. Governor Doug Burgum also has an executive order in place, prohibiting TikTok on government-issued devices in North Dakota.

The main concern is TikTok’s data collection, as its parent company, Byte Dance, cooperates with the Chinese Communist party.

Technical studies on the app’s privacy policies show TikTok collects your phone model, its internet IP address, and your time zone.

This also happens on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media apps — but the Chinese influence is what’s pushing congress toward a nationwide ban.

In response to the potential ban, TikTok’s CEO has informed congress that the app’s data storage is moving to the U.S. It will be stored by the American Company, Oracle, in hopes of saving the app’s largest audience — consisting of nearly 150 million users in the US.