(KXNET) — 701: if you write it out it, that’s July 1. It’s also the only area code for those who call North Dakota home.

“North Dakota is one of the only states in the country that has only one area code,” Social Strategist, Alicia Joloiffe said.

Being that North Dakota is “uniquely legendary” and has so much to offer to those living and visiting, the State Department of Commerce decided to launch new digital media to celebrate 701 Day.

“It’s kind of like an unofficial holiday around here too to just celebrate North Dakota in any way shape or form,” Joloiffe said.

The new digital media includes virtual postcards that have various scenic images of North Dakota captured BY North Dakotans.

The other component is a GIF Library for the Peace Garden State that will be available on all social platforms.

“When we were building then we were hoping that this could be something that isn’t just for 701, July 1 only it’s something that can be used all year round,” Joloiffe said.

She says both options are just beginning, and even though the selections are small, they will continue to grow as time goes on.

“North Dakotans, we’re pretty prideful we love our state we love celebrating it. And really this is just like another coin in the bucket another day of the year outside of North Dakota’s birthday or national North Dakota day or North Dakota month,” said Joloiffe.

She says 701 day is all about the fun in 701, the beauty here in North Dakota.