NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — School has already begun in the region, but no matter where you are, there are always picker eaters, and this can be a problem for students at lunchtime.

A typical school lunch can include a protein, grains, a vegetable, fruit, and even a treat.

However, picky eaters may not like the options that they are provided.

So how can you expand their food horizons?

Dietitian experts say you can take them grocery shopping, get them involved in meal prep, and grow different fruits and veggies in your own, family garden.

“If they’re growing vegetables, then they get a chance to get their hands on some peas or tomato, and just like getting a chance to smell it and look at it and seeing where it comes from. There’s so much that goes into our foods so I think that’s like a really cool way to expose your kids to foods,” said Kristina Hokenson, a registered dietitian at Haven of Health.

Other ways to get your children to try new things is to cut them into shapes or simply continue to offer food they don’t like.

She says change does not happen overnight.

So, it may take a lot of food exposure for them to change their minds.