NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — TSA said Friday it’s raising the maximum fine to $14,950. The previous fine was $13,910.

TSA is wanting to push the message of how dangerous it is to bring a gun aboard a plane.

“It’s a huge problem across the country and we are really trying to get the word out and educate people on this issue,” said Jessica Mayle, a spokesperson for TSA.

According to Mayle, only two guns have been in carry-ons in the Bismarck airport.

“I wished it was zero but I hope it’s our last two for the year,” said Mayle.

However, across the nation, that number is much higher. TSA over the past year has confiscated over 6,000 firearms in carry-on bags.

“There are definitely areas of the country where I think concealed carry is more prevalent than other areas,” said Mayle. “And I think we see higher rates in those places. But what most people say is oh my gosh I forgot I had it.”

TSA also says 88% of those firearms were loaded.

“It goes back to why it’s so dangerous, these are crowded areas at the checkpoint,” said Mayle. “A lot of people are there. A lot of stressed people trying to get to their flights. So you definitely don’t want to introduce that.

So, what happens when a firearm is discovered in security?

“We call local law enforcement. Everything stops at the checkpoint,” said Mayle. “The gun stays in the X-ray, we do not remove it until a police officer comes.

Now there are ways you can travel with a gun.

First, passengers transporting firearms must put them in a locked case in checked baggage. They also must alert the airline that there is a firearm in their luggage.