NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Veterans who need a ride to their medical appointments or to the VA office in Fargo can use the veterans van in Ward County, however, right now, they need drivers actually take you from Point A to Point B.

As long as veterans have a referral to a medical appointment or to the actual medical center in Fargo the van can provide transportation.

Bradley Starnes, the director for Ward County Veterans Services, says they had two volunteers who were in training but did not finish.

Volunteers can come into the office to start the process then the information gets sent to the Fargo office. Once it’s processed, then they take it from there.

“It is all through Fargo. The Fargo VA Medical Center, so what will happen is if we have a volunteer that is interested, we will hand the information off to Fargo, and then there is actually a background check, fingerprints, and then there is a physical exam as well to make sure that they are physically fit to be able to drive,” said Starnes.

He says the last time the van has been in use was four or five months ago.