(FARGO, N.D.)– Some city workers in North Dakota are wrapping up Christmas tree cleanup, but if you still have one you can actually recycle it to help local wildlife.

It’s as simple as sticking your tree in your backyard. This gives shelter to birds and other animals from the cold.

You can also turn it into a natural bird feeder by putting fruit like apples, oranges, and cranberries on the tree.

Local bird experts tell us, it’s a great way for birds to find food during harsh winters.

“Some of your smaller visitors like rabbits and squirrels could hide in there during a strong and tough winter storm, it just protects them from the elements,” shared Meghan Carter with Audubon Dakota.

But, if you decide to feed the animals, Meghan says you need to keep the food coming so you don’t cut off their food source abruptly.