MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The drought throughout North Dakota continues to fade as wet conditions linger. Experts say the damp conditions are a double-edged sword for farmers throughout the state.

The deadline for planting crops is approaching and certain crop deadlines have passed.

But some farmers say they are still unable to plant the majority of their seeds due to excessive water in the soil, because critical equipment can’t reach low areas of farmland to properly care for crops.

The number of insects and weeds that have come with the extra precipitation is also a barrier.

“We are way behind compared to the normal years. So, corn, we are very delayed, and soybeans, sunflower, wheat. In general, we are very behind the schedule.” said Leo Bortolon, Cropping System Specialist, NDSU Extension.

Many farmers say they are turning to crop insurance to cover their land.

The NDSU Extension Center says only 25% of wheat crop is planted right now when 90% of the crop should be by this time.