(KXNET) — Many people are curious about what a possible Chinese Spy Balloon was up to while making its way across our nation.

China confirmed the balloon belonged to them and is claiming it is a weather balloon.

Trici Brown, a nurse practitioner, didn’t even realize that there was a balloon floating across the country.

However, after hearing about China’s claims, she says she’s definitely going to do more research on this so-called weather balloon.

“It makes zero sense that it was a weather balloon. It’s like when you ask your child a question and they give you this spontaneous answer that you know is a lie,” said Brown.

Senator John Hoven released a statement saying:

“This blatant violation of U.S. airspace demonstrates China’s growing aggression toward our nation and our allies, and the Biden administration should have acted sooner, rather than allow an adversary to conduct surveillance from one end of our country to the next. The best response to China is one of strength, and we need to firmly push back whenever they challenge us. That’s why we will continue working to modernize our nuclear forces, while strengthening our ISR and hypersonic missile capabilities, to ensure we can deter or defeat any threat that China poses.”

Senator John Hoeven