NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota produces many types of crops feeding people everywhere, including here at home.

So much so, that we are the nation’s leading producer of sunflowers, flax, honey, and canola, just to name a few.

In Friday’s Eye on Ag and Energy, the latest harvest update as well as what’s to expect in the coming weeks.

According to Tyler Kraliceck, with the North Dakota Extension Service, sunflowers are now being taken off of the field.

He says that farmers are currently working hard to get soybeans done

Corn will probably have to wait until next week because it’s been a little wet with the rain we recently got, and small grains and canola are already out of the fields.

However, he says there will be a push to get green corn off of the field in the coming weeks as well.

“On the silage side of things, it sounds like everybody’s pretty well wrapped up or on the very, very edge of getting that finished up as well. So the rain and the wind definitely did pose a little bit of a problem. I know on the harvesting side of the things for the rain you know put a little bit of a stop to get in that progress and the wind obviously was a huge issue here yesterday,” said Tyler Kraliceck, an NDSU Extension Agent.

Coming up this weekend, we’ll talk about how the ever-changing forecast could affect the rest of the crops farmers are trying to get done.