STACKER — The United States has officially accepted more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. The vast majority of these refugees are entering the country on humanitarian parole, which grants them temporary legal status in the U.S. These types of admittances are not tracked in the refugee case management system being used by the Refugee Processing Center.

Most of the refugees resettled in the United States through the official resettlement program are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Syria. Both countries have complex histories rife with regional war, social unrest, political corruption, and unstable governance.

The DCR has more than 5.5 million internally displaced persons and more than half a million refugees and asylum seekers from neighboring countries impacted by regional conflicts dating back to the early 1990s. Syria is more than a decade into a civil war that began with a violent government crackdown on non-violent anti-government demonstrations. Since then, nearly 7 million Syrians have fled the country, and another 7 million are internally displaced.

Stacker referenced data from The Refugee Processing Center to compile statistics on the number of refugees and their countries of origin resettled in North Dakota in July 2022.

July refugee statistics
Countries where refugees arrived from in July
North Dakota
#1. Democratic Republic of the Congo: 15
#2. Republic of South Sudan: 4

#1. Democratic Republic of the Congo: 1,182
#2. Syria: 270
#3. Burma: 218
#4. Afghanistan: 127
#5. Sudan: 103

States that accepted the most refugees in July
#1. California: 202
#2. Ohio: 166
#3. New York: 152
#4. North Carolina: 150
#5. Texas: 150

Read on to see the countries that North Dakota has accepted the most refugees from since October

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#1. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Refugees that arrived from Democratic Republic of the Congo since October
North Dakota: 38

National: 4,917
Top states
#1. Kentucky: 569
#2. Texas: 454
#3. Ohio: 277
#4. Arizona: 269
#5. North Carolina: 256

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#2. Republic of South Sudan

Refugees that arrived from Republic of South Sudan since October
North Dakota: 4

National: 252
Top states
#1. Arizona: 41
#2. Maryland: 25
#3. Utah: 20
#4. Missouri: 19
#4. Texas: 19

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#3. Somalia

Refugees that arrived from Somalia since October
North Dakota: 1

National: 333
Top states
#1. Minnesota: 95
#2. Ohio: 31
#3. New York: 25
#4. Washington: 23
#5. Texas: 20


#4. Afghanistan

Refugees that arrived from Afghanistan since October
North Dakota: 1

National: 971
Top states
#1. California: 184
#2. Virginia: 136
#3. Texas: 132
#4. Colorado: 78
#5. Washington: 61

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