NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Governor Doug Burgum is spending a few days in Iowa, he’s also been spending dollars worth of gift cards in hopes of winning support from voters.

Many members of a local Facebook group chat have recently been complaining about Doug Burgum’s cash and gas card strategy. Some are reporting they never got one after donating. Some did get theirs but it just took forever. Or as one person reports, when they went to use their gas card, it declined.

Reporter Adrienne Oglesby had the chance to speak with a campaign spokesperson who says they have fulfilled more than 80% of those who donated.

If you have not received yours, he suggests checking your email and the spam boxes as well.

He says the campaign has sent multiple emails to anyone who donated in order to receive the Biden Inflation Relief Gift Cards asking how donators would prefer to receive their card — either via regular mail or email.

Going on to add that if someone has not received their gift card, it is more than likely because the campaign has not received a response to one of those emails sent. Another possibility is if two individuals used the same email address, in order to protect from fraud, the system may have rejected one of those emails.

And, note this, the cards do expire after 90 days.

As for gas cards in particular, the spokesperson shares they have yet to fulfill any from the latest round The campaign will send emails out in the next seven to 10 days which will ask each recipient how they’d prefer to receive their card, physically or electronically.

Governor Burgum is spending the next three days campaigning in Iowa. His campaign spokesperson reminds people that if they already received a Biden Inflation Relief Card, they’re not eligible for the gas card.