(KXNET) — The fight to keep the wild horses at the Theodore Rosevelt National Park has caught the attention of many across our state.

From campaign advocates and horse specialists to state legislators, many are fighting to save them. Now, the office of the Governor has come forward to rein in the discussion.

Monday, Governor Doug Burgum held a conference and submitted a letter to the National Park Service. Not only did the governor show his support for the horses, but legislators from across the state voiced support as well.

The state’s Department of Commerce, the Dickinson Convention and Visitors Bureau, and even the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation have all joined the Governor in the written request to support the wild horses and allow them to stay.

The submitted letter urges the park to maintain a herd of wild horses, stressing the tourism benefits, local economy, and history that they showcase to all.

“We do think that there is a way,” stated Governor Doug Burgum. “If this issue is about science, which the park says it is, then let’s work together to actually do the in-depth studies to understand the carrying capacities of 46,000 acres in the south unit and find a solution to balance wildlife with bison.”

KX News has reached out to speak with the park’s deputy superintendent this week for further comment.

You can watch Governor Burgum’s conference on his Facebook page.