(KXNET) — In 2011, a new virus was discovered in cattle, which could also be transferred to other animals.

It’s called Influenza D.

But now the question is, will the virus make humans sick?

Influenza D shares a 50% similarity with Influenza C in humans.

The virus is stable in different environments and can survive in high temperatures and acidic environments.

Influenza D has been found in animals and in the air throughout the U.S.

Boston University ran a study washing out dairy workers’ noses before and after a shift, and of the 31 workers, about two-thirds were exposed to Influenza D.

As of now, there is no cause for concern, since many of the affected people work with animals.

But, the influenza virus can mutate quickly, so researchers want to start monitoring the flu virus now.

Cambridge Technologies is working on a vaccine for the animals.