NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Snow is falling in the area and workers with AAA have some safe driving tips.

While driving, you should double the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Eugene LaDoucer with AAA says this will help to avoid accidents.

Be aware of the surfaces of bridges and intersections, as they may be icy, and don’t brake hard when on icy roads.

Remember to stay out of the way of snow plows and emergency responders.

Not only do you need to be mentally prepared, there are some tasks to do to ready your vehicle for the snow.

“First and foremost your vehicle should be taken in and checked out. Make sure the antifreeze is at the proper level. Tires are properly inflated you have good fluids in it and the battery needs to be checked out too to make sure it can withstand the extreme cold temperatures we are expecting during the winter,” said Eugene LaDoucer, the regional director of Public Affairs for AAA.

LaDoucer also reminds everyone to have a winter emergency kit in their car so they can stay warm because sometimes it can take days to be rescued if you go into a ditch.