NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — When you decide what type of fitness class you want to go to, is there any specific one you enjoy the most in particular?

According to a new study done by Fitness Volt, the most Googled fitness classes in each state has yoga taking the top spot as the most popular fitness class in the country.

Yoga is the most popular fitness class in America by some distance, according to the research.

Yoga is the most searched-for fitness class in 16 states, including North Dakota, California, and South Dakota.

But Yoga is especially favored in the Northeast, as states such as New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts all search for Yoga more than any other fitness class.

The second most Googled fitness class across the country is Pilates.

Pilates has surged in popularity over recent years and currently receives 9,000 average searches a month across the country for the phrase “pilates classes.”

It’s the most Googled fitness class in 11 different states, including Florida, Oklahoma, and Washington.

The research revealed that Zumba ranks closely behind Pilates as the country’s third most popular fitness class.

A total of 10 states search for Zumba classes more than any other fitness class, such as Kansas and Hawaii, and the popular dancing workout also receives 12,000 average monthly searches for the term “zumba classes.”

Zumba classes also ranked particularly popular across the West, as states such as Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming all search for Zumba the most.

A spokesperson for Fitness Volt said, “The popularity of fitness classes first became apparent in the 1970s and are still as popular as they have ever been today, with people eager to reap the benefits of a workout in the form of organized group exercise. This data offers an interesting insight into which fitness classes are the most popular across the country, with the unmatched popularity of Yoga showing no signs of slowing down.”