State and local authorities are providing relief  to North Dakota ranchers affected by the drought.

 The drought can be toxic to a cattle producers  water supply.

“It doesn’t take very long for a bad quality of water to effect those animals. The last thing they want to see is animal not being able to get back up, ” said Fred Froelich, Extension Agent, NDSU Extension Service

To get adequate water to cattle producers, the state water commission re-opened the The Drought Livestock Water Supply Project Assistance program.

“Through that program the state water commission will cost share up to 50% and /or $3500  per location for ranchers to get water to their livestock, said Mary Massad, Manager/CEO of SouthWest Water Authority.

Through the program people can build wells, pasture taps or connect to pipe systems like SouthWest Water Authority, whose CEO said the 12 counties her group services are very interested.

“Probably been receiving about 5-10 phone calls per day,” said Massad

” As of today we have received 96 applications and approved 80, and used all of the $250,000, and applications are still coming in, ” said George Nodland, North Dakota State Water Commission.

Nodland , also thinks hauling water isn’t the way to go.

“This is a better option, because hauling water, even just a few head. Its amazing how much water cattle will drink in a day,” said Nodland

The livestock water assistance program can help cattle, but  it can’t help the crops, The only thing they are going to get relief from is rain.

“We need rain  . .  .we need rain. In Southwest North Dakota we need alot of rain, said Froelich.