State’s attorney looks to get re-elected as a write-in candidate

During the June Primary Election in Hettinger County, ND no candidates were listed for state’s attorney.

Now there are two viable candidates, but only one will be on the ballot in the General Election on November 6. 

Incumbent Hettinger County State’s Attorney Amy Pikovsky isn’t on the ballot, and the only way she is going to get re-elected is as a write -in candidate.

“It is a little bit of an uphill battle when your not on the ballot , and you are asking people to write in your name- and your last name is Pikovsky,” said Pikovsky.

The thirty two year old – state’s attorney lost here residency in the county when she moved in with her fiancĂ© in Stark County in January after having child together. 

“It seemed to make sense to live out at his place . . he farms. . . farms with his family, so they are pretty well established out there,” said Pikovsky.

At the time Pikovsky didn’t think it would be an issue, because there are only three attorney’s in Hettinger County, including herself.

“At the time I didn’t think there would be anyone else interested in the job. I talked to the county commissioners (Hettinger), and they were very open to appointing me,” said Pikovsky. 

However, in the June Primary the voters spoke, and wrote in David Crane’s name, the former Hettinger County State’s Attorney from 1985 -1988.

The Hettinger County auditor said there were a total of 65 write-in votes for state’s attorney and Crane received 23 of them, and Pikovsky received 20.

“I had no inkling that this would happen, ” said David Crane candidate for Hettinger County State’s Attorney.

Crane said he originally had no interest in the job, but when former Dunn County State’s Attorney Pat Merriman joined his law practice in Mott, ND, with his other two partners who are also state’s attorneys, he thought they could offer a lot of experience to the position. 

“I guess overnight it seemed doable, ” said Crane. 

Crane’s other two partners are Aaron Roseland, who is the Adams County State’s attorney, and Erin Melling, who is the Slope County State’s Attorney.

Together they make up the law firm Crane, Roseland, and Melling and they have offices in Mott and Hettinger, ND. 

Since the primary in June, Pikovosky has bought a new house in Mott, so she can be eligible as a write- in candidate, and she has been getting out the word that she is still in the game with yard signs, ads, and talking to local residents in the community. 

“I can certainly understand if someone thought that since there tax dollars are paying my salary,  I should live in the county, ” said Pikovosky. 

If re-elected Pikovsky said she will commute between here home in Mott and her family’s farm in Stark County, and  she said its all worth it.

“Its important work (state’s attorney). . . it helps protect the public, ” said Pikovsky.

Pikovsky was appointed Hettinger County State’s Attorney in 2015 and was elected in 2016 unopposed with 99 percent of the vote. 


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