Staying active in winter

We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to get 60 minutes of activity a day, but during the holidays, it can be difficult making it to a workout.

After a heavy snowfall, you’ll find sledders flocking to the biggest hills to be the first on the fresh blanket.

“There’s more snow and when they’ve already slid on it, some of the snow goes,” says Sutton Howell, Sledder.

The Howells have been looking forward to sledding all winter, and finally made it out for some fun.

“It’s cold when you go down, but then it’s so much fun that you can barely tell,” says Tierney Howell, Sledder.

The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans says that any kind of physical activity is better than none and sled races are one way this family stays on the move.

“Usually it’s just two people at a time and they’ll line up and someone will say go. Some sleds are faster and if you put more weight on the back, then you go faster,” says Tierney.

With cold, winter winds, hiking up the hill might not keep you warm for long, but there are still winter activities that you can do indoors.

“We are just coming out to spend some time with some family and friends, get out on the ice, you know, have a little fun during Christmas break,” says Ben Banberkon, Ice Skater.

There’s a little more skill involved in staying upright with this activity, but the newest skaters can get a little help from an ice walker.

“I’m kind of an amateur skater, so I mostly just skate normally. I don’t do any tricks or anything like that,” says Banberkon.

And when temperatures get below freezing, the rink is usually warmer than the great outdoors.

“I usually get out maybe once or twice a year, sometimes on the weekends maybe when it gets cold outside. Not a lot to do other than that,” says Banberkon.

Staying active with friends and family.

The 2018 Guidelines show that even activities like these can help people feel, function, and sleep better than before.

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