Stockmen’s Association argues “Fake Meat” should not be labeled as beef.

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It could be considered a threat to the nations’ beef industry.
Test tube meat is grown in the lab, and is being labeled and marketed as “Clean Beef” or Beyond Meat.
It’s already being sold in some restaurants.
The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association says it’s on their radar.
During their annual convention a resolution was passed saying the issue of imitation meat is a high priority.
That resolution laid the groundwork for policy adopted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.
They believe lab-grown and plant-based products should not use the terms ‘meat’ or ‘beef’ on their labels.

Julie Ellingson/ND Stockmen’s Association: “To make sure that labeling is clear, is not allowed to disparage conventionally raised beef, and also to make sure the language that is chosen is preserved specially for proteins for beef that is produced from live animals for human consumption.”

Meat alternative sales were up six percent last year and are valued at around 500 million dollars. 
That’s still small compared to the real meat industry, that makes more than $50 *billion* annually.

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