Storm Moves Across North Dakota


A spring storm is blowing across the state this evening, making travel dangerous and dumping quite a bit of snow in some places.

Jim Olson has been keeping an eye on the storm this afternoon and joins us from just west of Minot with an update.

Consider it just another reminder that, even though the calendar says ‘spring,’ we can get significant doses of ‘winter’ well past the equinox. Out here, the snow started about 3pm and now, it’s coming down hard, driven by some brisk east winds.

This round of precip came less than 24 hours after a blast of snow last night that served to ice-up many roads and highways.

There have been several reports of cars in ditches due to the slick travel conditions.

And the snow can be hard on livestock.
The National Weather Service put out a warning for ranchers who are now in caliving season.

That’s the case here at the Varty ranch near Berthold.
They raise Angus-cross cattle and began calving ten days ago.

Vegas Varty says weather like this – especially with the low temperature and gusty winds – can be hard on calves that just hit the ground.
He says it was eight-below-zero this morning.

(Vegas Varty, Berthold Area Rancher) “They just can’t last when it’s below zero. That’s the hardest on them – and the wind too. They can take cold as long as the wind ain’t blowing but those are the two, two biggest factors.”

Varty says close to a dozen calves have been born today on his ranch – and the cows and calves get inside accomodation for a while to make sure the newborns get a good start. He says weather like this is a annoyance, but shouldn’t cause any big problems as long as he stays on top of what’s happening.

As for people out in this weather, might be a good night to stay close to home since it’s expected to stay nasty for a while longer.

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