Stormwater is populating the streets of Bismarck

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Rain and snowmelt are leaving standing water in the streets. And as spring approaches, Bismarck Stormwater crews are busier than ever. 
Workers are out clearing snow, ice and debris that can block stormwater drains and paths to the drains, causing water to back up into the street.
Stormwater Program Coordinator Terry Halstengard says Main Street has been one of the worst streets for blocked drains and inlets, the narrow pathways that run next to the curb. But now, water is running as it should down the inlets and into the drains.
The water eventually ends up in the Missouri River and its tributaries that flow through the community.
You might be surprised to learn the Bismarck Stormwater Program has only been around for the past six years. But it has been a busy six years. The program is designed to respond based on calls from the community.
According to the program’s web page, the man-made portion of the city’s stormwater system is made up of over 90 miles of pipe and culverts and over four miles of open channels.
If you encounter standing water on the street, you can contact the stormwater program through their web page to call or e-mail them. Click here.

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