Street Crews Prepared For Potential Christmas Snowstorm

Forecasters are warning of a potential snowstorm over the holiday.

That’s good if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas. But what if you’re in charge of keeping roadways clear of snow?

Tim Olson spoke with the City of Minot street crew.

(Jason Sorenson, Asst. Director of Public Works) “Problems don’t restrict themselves to 8 to 5 Monday through Friday.”

(Tim Olson) Jason Sorenson is the assistant director of public works for the City of Minot. And he knows that this Christmas weekend might be a busy one for his team.

(Sorenson) “We need all hands on deck.”

(Olson) Weather forecasters are warning that Santa Claus may bring more than toys to the region this Sunday.

(Tom Schrader, KX Meteorologist) “I think we’ll have blizzard conditions, if not real close to it. And I think we get upwards of a foot of snow – in some spots more.”

(Olson) The City of Minot has two plow operators on call at any given time. But that changes when the snow starts to fly.

(Sorenson) “When they see that it’s going to continue to snow, they’ll start calling guys in.”

(Olson) The entire team of 30 street crew members will be available if and when the roads become treacherous – even if that means putting Christmas on pause.

(Randy Dosch, Street Foreman)  “It’d be nice to be home for Christmas, but this is our job. We’ve worked holidays before. Everybody knows that this is what it’s about.”

(Olson) Randy Dosch has been on the street crew for 15 years. He says there isn’t a Scrooge in the bunch.

(Dosch) “They all know it’s part of their job, and I haven’t heard anyone complain at all.”

(Olson) Sorenson says the best gift you can give him this Christmas is patience.

(Sorenson) “Sometimes it takes us a little bit of time to get to some of the neighborhoods. We haven’t forgotten about anybody, we’re just trying to get there.”

(Olson) In Minot, Tim Olson, KX News.

Sorenson says street crews maintain about 550 lane-miles of roadway within the City of Minot.

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