Students Learn About Mars As NASA Hopes to Send People by 2030


In just 13 years, we could be sending people to Mars.

And thousands are lining up to take the trip.

As it has some Bismarck students intrigued.

Brian Price, 6th Grade Science Teacher, says, “Space exploration has always been on that leading edge of technology and exploration and Mars is next.”

School is out for the summer, but upcoming 6th graders at Horizon Middle School are learning all about Mars.

“There’s not as much oxygen so you can’t breathe that much,” says Rylie Kalberer, 6th Grade Student. 

That’s just one fact they learned. 

Rylie and 3 other girls are working on a project called “Living Design on Mars”. They’re creating a model home for Life on Mars. 

Arin Spencer, 6th Grade Student, says, “You need a special bed because one there’s less room on the rocket to take up things cause you need a lot more food and actual water and actual oxygen tanks if your going out.”

Besides designing a future home, student’s brainstorm other ideas too. 

Brian Price, 6th Grade Science Teacher adds, “Whether it’d be rocketry to get there or what we are going to do once we get there or how we are going to grow food when we get there.”

The reason they’re doing this project is because NASA wants to get people there by 2030.

“Is because when the people who go to Mars is going to be like our age, cause it’s going to be 2030 when they want people to go there and we’ll be around our 20s then,” says Sophie Lies, 6th Grade Student. 

Anna Bitz is only going into 6th grade and likes learning about the planet, but she isn’t too into the idea of making the trip herself. 

“Scary, I’d rather do it when they figure out how to come home cause right now if you go to Mars you stay on Mars,” says Bitz. 

Students say 100,000 people are already signed up to make the journey that would take a few months. 

One year on Mars is 687 days…nearly double to that on Earth. 

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