Students Raise Money for Hurricane Relief

We know you love to see positive stories about what people in our region are doing.

Well, here’s one for you – kids paying for the right to break the school dress code – and donating the funds to Hurricane Harvey victims.

Jim Olson traveled to Minot Air Force Base to show us what’s happening.

“Go star students!”

These star students will be shining more brightly than ever over the next week

By ignoring the normal rules for how they dress for school – and paying to do it.

(Heather Kokinda, 5th Grade Teacher) “Every day we get to dress up a little outside of dress code and pay a dollar for it.”

Why? To raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

(Janiece Mitchner, 5th Grader) “We felt bad for the people in Texas that have lost their homes, money, pets, family too.”

(Adam Barrington, 5th Grader) “We heard about the hurricane and decided that if it happened to us we’d want everyone to donate all they could so we decided to do that.”

The idea was born as students and staff watched in horror at what was happening in Texas.

(Adam Barrington, 5th Grader) “I’ve seen houses destroyed. I’ve seen a lot of stuff getting carried away in the water. And I’ve heard about families are lost. So we just wanted to help all we could.”

They’ll help by wearing Hawaiian dress today, crazy hats another day, pajamas one day, and even dressing as a super hero next Friday.

(Heather Kokinda, 5th Grade Teacher) “Our focus this year is on being kind and acting with integrity and the kids could not wait to get on board to show they can give back.

And it’s not just the kids who’re excited.

(Heather Kokinda, 5th Grade Teacher) “Any excuse we have to be in shorts and tank tops and a little bit crazy ourselves is always fun in the elementary world.

(Adam Barrington, 5th Grader) “Yeah, it’ll be really fun.”

“North Plains Stars, saving Texas, go star students!”

At North Plains Elementary on Minot Air Force Base, Jim Olson, KX News.

The goal is to raise 15-hundred dollars for the Red Cross – Jim will be back next Friday to see how the fund raising went.

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