Students in Harvey got the crowd excited for a performance worth seeing. BM Hanson Idol is a tradition done by students as a creative way to raise funds to support a community project.

“I wanted to give back to Idol X, this community because I thought it was important to give back to the community,” BM Hanson fifth-grader Josie Finley said.

Contestants from grades elementary to high school competed to win the best performance including first-grade contestant Annabelle Faul.

“I just love to sing, and I figured I wanted to be in Idol,” Faul said.

The energy in the crowd was exhilarating.

“My knees were shaking,” Finley said.

Students even acted as bouncers just in case any fans were a little too excited about their favorite performers.

“I think everyone did a great job and they all deserved to be in it,” Eighth-grade student Simone Joubert said.

The idea behind the show wasn’t just about the fun. Students at BM Hanson came up with a community service project, which includes replacing a playground at Veterans Memorial Park in Harvey.

“The playground was built in the 60s and it was getting old and rusty. When the kids came with me the idea, it was never anything I’d even thought of. The kids came at me with it at the beginning of the year and said this is what I want to do for a project,” 6th-grade Teacher Bret Dockter said.

From that project students raised over $14,000 from the talent show.

“The best thing about it is the community did it together,” Dockter said.

The playground cost about $80,000 in total and with community support added; it is expected to be installed in June. They’ve been doing this talent show for about ten years now.