Students Walk Runway In Fashion Show

It’s not every day that you get to take in a fashion show at school.

But that’s just what was happening at Minot High School this morning, as family and consumer science students modeled hand-made, one-of-a-kind clothing.

Tim Olson takes us there.

(Tim Olson, KX News) Louis Vuitton, eat your heart out.

(Josie Lenertz, Minot High Junior) “I used a rayon fabric. I liked the criss-crossiness because that’s in style now, these days.”

(Angela Cooper, Minot High Senior) “We went with a cotton blue dress, and then I did the white silk on the sides.”

(Olson) The students of the Textiles & Fashion Trends class at Minot High hit the catwalk on Monday…

(Debbie Rham, Textiles & Fashion Trends Teacher) “It’s kind of the highlight. Everything leads up to that.”

(Olson) …modeling garments that they spent the last month putting together.

(Cooper) “I like putting my own twist on everything.”

(Lenertz) “You have to make sure every stitch is the way it’s supposed to be.”

(Olson) Class instructor Debbie Rahm says the runway show is a confidence booster.

(Rahm) “Being able to get up and walk on the runway – that’s a feat in itself. It doesn’t seem very scary until you’re the person who has to do it.”

(Lenertz) “I was not nervous going in, but once we started lining up, that’s when I got really anxious – but it all paid off in the end.”

(Olson) And for some students, this is just the beginning.

(Cooper) “I do plan on making more dresses. I like putting my own twist on everything, so I definitely do plan on making more dresses. Knowing that I made that, gives me that sense of pride.”

Rham says her classes have been holding end-of-semester runway shows for the last five years or so.

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