Study Says Working Long Hours is Linked to Depression

A new study suggests working more than 55 hours a week is linked to heightened depression.

If you’re not loving the work you’re doing, but are stuck doing it day-after-day, you’re at a even higher risk.

A counselor we spoke to says depression is often genetic, and more stress and less sleep can cause depressive symptoms to show up.

She says people work these hours for many reasons. It could be to afford nicer things like cars and vacations, but most people work these hours because they simply have to, to get by.

The Kids Therapy Center Licensed Clinical Counselor, Valerie Meyers adds, “Also in our society, we are perfectionists. We want to do best in our careers or in our jobs, and so that might be working longer hours.”

Meyers says if you are stuck in this kind of slump, to make sure to give yourself positive affirmations.
That means remembering to think about why you are working, and remind yourself it’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

She says self care is also crucial, including a healthy diet and exercise.

And if you still feel an overwhelming sense of depression, seek out a counselor, because you’re not alone.

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