Parents are tracking their kids more than ever before according to a study from Pew Research.
You can thank those phones, we all keep in our hands, for making us more accessible than ever.
This brings up the question are parents now over stepping their boundaries?

“We do track our kids with other apps. We have 2 different apps on our phones and that’s just to make sure our kids are safe,” says parent, Marie Mott.

Parents can find their kids with just a click of a button. Apps like Find my Friends or mSpy give parents the opportunity to track their kids literally where ever they and their cell phone go.

According to Pew Research 16% of parents regularly track their kids. 61% of parents check what websites their kids have visited and 48% reported to go through their children’s phone call and message records.

I went to Bismarck State College to see if students think their parents are meddling too much in their lives.

Sierra Machart says, “I sorta think its like a brink of trust. They should be able to trust their kid wherever they are at and like if they are really that concerned with it then they should talk to them about it. Instead of following them behind their back.”

“I think its ok. Say someone kidnaps you so they will know where you are at. But to a point my parents are not controlling and constantly looking where I am at. But its good to know just in case,” says Ashlyn Thompson.

Britten Staskaywicz says, “I feel like letting them know is a good idea. It’s like if you get in trouble they are always there for you. they might get angry but they are there for you.”

Mackenzie Baumann, who thinks it is an invasion of privacy says, “Personally I think parents have their own ways of following their children, but I don’t think they should follow them through Snapchat. They should trust them. and the kids should have to earn that trust through themselves.”

Parents like Marie Mott says she’s willing to invade her kids privacy, if it means she’s helping keep them safe.

“20 years it was every parents job to know where their kids were and that hasn’t changed a bit. Whether its using technology or being physically with your kid, stay at home parent. working parent. it doesn’t matter every parent should know where their kids are,” says Mott.

Although Mott says she uses tracking apps for her kids she does not use apps like Snapchat because other people could also access their location in that way.